This week, as everybody knows by now, there was a dorm fire at SUNY Oneonta.  A "dorm room fire."  Sounds kind of over dramatic doesn't it?  Just a dorm room fire. Maybe an errant candle.  Or a tossed cigarette butt. The fire was extinguished in a half hour. No injuries. Just a dorm room  fire.

This website was the first media outlet with photos of the fire.  Our staff was literally there in minutes.  You saw gripping photos of the event and its aftermath.

Now take a look at this video.

This is what Oneonta Fire Chief Pat Pidgeon and his department were facing when they arrived on the scene. It was the first day back for thousands of students.  The campus was full.  Hundreds lived in Matteson Hall.  Were there still students up on the third floor? Nobody knew.  It was freezing cold outside.

And now imagine you are standing there, in full turnout clothes, hoses, air masks and axes.  And what do you do?

You rush in...past all of those rushing out!

This could have been worse.  A lot worse.  It is every fire chief, college president and student's parents' worse nightmare.  Luckily, it ended up being just damage that was incurred.  The students will be displaced for a while.  And then they will be back.

Again, I ask you to look at the video below.  Imagine coming around the corner and seeing that and knowing you are going up there to fight it.  We cannot say enough about our brave Oneonta Fire Department who handled this tricky situation with utmost professionalism.  And thanks to the Oneonta Police Department, the SUNY campus security staff and to all of the emergency personnel (including outlying fire departments) who sent assistance.

Firefighters....our heroes.  Remember they rush in when everyone else is rushing out.

Take a look at this video.

Thanks OFD!