When the night sky is lit up with an eerie light, it typically means fire and that's exactly what happened at a Town of Oneonta residence at 452 West Street, in the Town of Oneonta last weekend according to the Oneonta Fire Department.

Oneonta Fire Fighters responded around 1:00 am Sunday to a fully involved fire at a residence with a vehicle parked next to it. Luckily there was no one inside the home when the fire broke out. Despite the valiant efforts of the Oneonta Fire crew and several other assisting crews from West Oneonta, Otego, Laurens, West Laurens, Mt. Vision, Worcester, Schenevus, Franklin, and Pindars Corners, the house and the home owner's vehicle were completely destroyed in the blaze.

The biggest challenge that the Oneonta Fire crew faced was access to water to put out the fire. The nearest water supply was about a half-mile away from the structure fire. They needed to call in all the other fire departments to help supply water to put it out. One can only imagine all the different challenges that firefighters face with each fire they are called to!

There were no injuries reported thankfully and the fire is under investigation to learn the cause. The residents were not at home. Can you imagine coming home to charred rubble where your home used to be? That's where the American Red Cross comes in to assist those displaced by residential fires and help with immediate needs. And although it was just "stuff", it can be very traumatizing to experience a fire and lose everything you own. Our hearts go out to those Oneontans who lost their home!

See the fire crews in action below...

Heroics At Work: Oneonta Firefighters And Other Local Crews Snuff Out Blaze

This Town of Oneonta fire presented a challenge to Oneonta firefighters since the nearest water source was half a mile away.

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