The City of Oneonta has a new leader and it just so happens that he's a fourth-generation firefighter in his family who hails from Schenevus, NY.

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Brian Knapp took up his position as Chief of the Oneonta Fire Department on August 1 where his career with the department started in 2004 as an on-call firefighter, according to AllOTSEGO. He became a full-time employee with the department in 2006.

So many kids grow up wanting to be a firefighter, viewed as heroes because they certainly are, always putting their lives at risk, battling blazes where sometimes, unexpected dangers occur. It's not a career one enters into lightly. It's a calling and Knapp certainly confirmed to AllOTSEGO that he's always wanted to be in the fire service.

He certainly comes by his love of being a firefighter honestly as he comes from a long line of family firefighters. His great-grandfather served in West Laurens, and his grandfather and father served in Schenevus, which is where Knapp started his career as a volunteer firefighter.

Knapp definitely has plans for the Oneonta Fire Department and says that “training and education are top of the list” since the department is young following veteran firefighter retirements.

Despite the challenges he'll be facing as the new leader, Knapp feels grateful to hold such a prestigious position at his age and feels that his family legacy and upbringing will help him rise to any challenges ahead.

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