Sunday was a great final day of the ever-growing Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs.  Thousands make their way to this tiny hamlet of 500 residents every year for one of the greatest Fall Festivals of the Upstate region.  My wife and I joined the crowd again this year.


Main Street and every little square of grass in town was filled to overbrimming with tents selling everything from homemade jewelry to pottery to paintings to crafts of every imaginable whim. And all kinds of delicious festival foods!

Trish and I stopped by the Mercantile 1802 to pay a visit with our friends Josh and Brent, TV's "Fabulous Beekman Boys," who will be competing in the year's "Amazing Race" television series beginning September 30th on CBS.  We wished them luck and look forward to seeing them on the show.

Among the many odd things we saw in our fun filled afternoon in Sharon Springs was perhaps the tiniest automobile ever licensed for the road.  It was made for the BMW company in Italy.  I tried to imagine myself driving this thing.

I couldn't.


All in all Trish and I had a blast at what is quickly becoming one of Upstate's premier Aumtumn Fests!