My wife and I attended the first (annual?) BaconFest 2012 in Hudson, N.Y. on Sunday.  It was a blast.  If you are a bacon lover (who isn't) well,  you really should put this on your calendar for next year.

Several thousand attended under picture perfect skies and with the deep blue water of the Hudson River as a backdrop.  Henry Hudson Waterfront Park was packed with festival goers and live music filled the air all day long.  And the (burp) food!  WOW!

Most of the items had a bacon ingredient and I must admit...I tried them all.  Here is my lunch (below).  It consisted of Bacon Bratwurst sandwiches, Bacon Oatmeal Cookies and some to-die for (literally) Chocolate Covered Oreos With Bacon!



My wife, Trish, had pretty much the same thing (only half as much as me) and had to wash it down with a Bacon Bloody Mary aboard the docked excursion boat at the waterfront.


All in all it was a great day in a great part of the state.  I have had enough bacon to last me the rest of the year.  Oh well, I have to go now.  My heart doctor is on the phone.....