This has been a busy hurricane season for many of Central New York's lineman.  My niece's husband, Michael Pendorf, from the Sidney area,and several others from our region have been dispatched with their trucks to head south to get ready to aid in the destruction caused by another hurricane.  They also did the same thing recently with Hurricane Florence.

We sometimes forget that when a vicious storm sweeps through an area, many times it is the out of towners who come in to give substantial aid in repairs.   The locals deal with their own set of problems, with roads impassible, trucks damaged, personal homes damaged, etc.

The work is long, hard and serious.  People get hurt, the workers are far from their Upstate homes for long periods of time and it is very stressful to work in and witness such a tragic scenario when you are right in the middle of it.

I salute all of those men and women who climb poles in violent storms to get the power on for our neighbors in harms way.  STAY SAFE!