Last night's America Music Awards Show was a full-blown celebration of a variety of American music genres.  I always enjoy this show and look for ward to it every year.  However, despite some big hits last night, there were also a lot of misses.

The biggest hit?  The gospel tribute to "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin.  It was joyous and celebratory and raised the roof of the hall. If nothing else, the appearance of Gladys Knight cemented her role as the now reigning female soul singer in America.  She is a powerful reminder of the impact of the Motown and R&B legends who nursed us along our musical journey over the last 50 years or so.  I thought this was the best part of the show.

As far as Taylor Swift, well, I'll admit I have never been a huge fan of hers.  Is she country?  Pop? Whatever, I just never have gravitated to her.  BUT..I thought her call for younger Americans to get registered to vote this year was right on the mark.

And Carrie Underwood?  Perfect.  She won the Favorite Country Female Vocalist of the Year Award and I totally agree.  I have been a huge fan of hers since her American Idol days.  I believe she is ready to fill Reba's shoes when the time comes (and I hope THAT doesn't happen too soon.  Love you, Reba!).

As far as the other performers go, well, frankly I don't know them. I am almost 70 years old now so these young artists are a bit much for my musical tastes.  Still, I will give them this.  They show immense excitement, high energy, innovative creative talents in both songwriting and performing (and wardrobe!) and a whole bunch of dazzling energy.  I am sure the "new wave" of performers will have long and successful career.

All in all, I still am a fan of the American Music Awards show!