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On October 3, 2018 Sheriff’s Deputies and NYS DOT Inspectors conducted a commercial vehicle inspection on State Highway 30 in the Town of Colchester.

Deputies issued 17 summonses for various safety violations including unsafe tires, uninspected trailer, uninspected motor vehicle, unregistered vehicle, misuse of agriculture plates, inadequate lamps, improper securement of fuel tank, loose cargo, uncovered load, no fire extinguisher, spreading debris on the highway, unsecure load, inadequate brakes and oil leak. two of those commercial vehicles was taken out of service by NYS DOT Inspectors due to serious defects. Furthermore, one driver was arrested for displaying a forged commercial motor vehicle inspection certificate and issued multiple summons returnable to the Town of Colchester Court.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office’ participation in these details was funded by a NYS Traffic Safety Committee’s Police Traffic Services grant.