Yes..this is a new item.  Sold by Nostalgia Electrics Company it is designed to be practical and nostalgic all at once.

I don't know about you but my kitchen counter is a mess.  Coffee machines, spice rack, microwave oven, cutting boards, banana holder (?), toaster and other assorted gadgets.  I don't know if the counter can hold one more item.

But I do like this look.  I like the old time feel for it but am afraid it is just a little to "cutesy" for me.  I eat more eggs than that will hold, it doesn't look like the toaster will hold a big, fat bagel and I like my coffee store bought. (the Kuerig is for "wife usage" only). I like the color and design and the price, $50, is not too bad.

But, sadly I have to give this a miss.  How about you?