Every person and business did their part during World War II to support the war effort.

And that included Bresee's Oneonta Department Store.

The store handed out helpful little booklets (photo above) that instructed their customers on behavior during the war years.  It is a fascinating look at those difficult times on the home front. There are also several illustrations.  Of course the back cover was a plea for Bresee's customers to "Buy Defense Bonds."   Some of the chapters include Practical First Aid, How to Act

Outdoors During a Blackout, Eating a Healthy Defense Diet and What To Do If You Find an Unexploded Bomb (!!).  There is even a little chapter on how to construct your very own home bomb shelter. And how to do it cheaply.  Some of these shelters look a little "iffy to me."  In fact the booklet says "With few exceptions shelters will not protect you against a direct bomb hit....especially from a 500-pound bomb."

Good to know!