I caught this recently on the Facebook page for those from Oneonta.

This building is familiar to all of us.  It sits at the end of Main Street by the Town House Motor Inn and the Fairchild Mansion.  It recently housed Gary's  Flowers and Gifts for a long time, and the CD Ebay store is located there presently.

But look at the information Doug Harvey came up with for this fascinating place.  Did you know this?  I didn't:

Hamms Tire Center ...In house behind the in top floor had a ballroom, there were many dances held during the early 20th century. But there were also secret rooms above the ballroom. In the basement, there was a hidden tunnel to the Presbyterian Church. There was a secret room above the second floor living-room, off the inside of the fireplace. A chimney sweeper accidentally found this room one day. Everyone was surprised that it existed. The house had several other secret rooms, passages, and sliding walls. The former owner noted the home was used to hide the blacks and it was part of the under-ground railroad system. The preacher at the church also corroborated that it was used to hide the blacks. Even though, after the civil war, the blacks were supposed to be free, there were still some that went through the under-ground system. They would pass through the Oneonta area and on to Western Canada. Believe it Or Not ...Doug Harvey