There are twenty openings for the Teen Center Art and Talent Show in Unadilla.  The Teen Center is located at 16 Watson Street in Unadilla.

This will be a family event and all ages are encouraged to make a submission to perform.  The event is looking for four groups of entertainers, and each of those groups will consist of the performer and family members.  Families will be allowed to watch the rehearsals and the performance itself.

The four groups will have a designated section of the auditorium to occupy for the round of four performers. Once all the performers have finished, the individual groups will have an opportunity to go downstairs and see the Art Show portion of the event or leave the Teen Center.

All COVID safety measures will be followed.  When the center has been vacated and cleaned the next group of four performers and families will be allowed to enter.

Preregistration is required by March 15th with Dorothy Davidson at 607-432-3343. Music must have “appropriate lyrics” and approval.

If you would like to submit an Art Project, it must be submitted by March 16th to Dorothy Davidson or Mike Knowlton.  Call 432-3343 and leave a message. Please mention your full name, age and title on the Art Project.

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