The Annual Meeting of the Delaware County Fair Board took place on Saturday at
the Fire Hall with 188 people in attendance.

WDLA's Ron Galley was there to get all the news.

This year's Fair Person of the Year was announced, with the winner being Dick Northrup, recognized for his work keeping the Fairgrounds in great shape. Here is what Dick had to say about his award:

Treasurer Niles Wilson gave the financial report and commented on how the fair is doing:

There were seven candidates for three board seats. Two of the seats were for five year terms and the other was a one year term to finish out the final year of the late Pat Covell. The Secretary announced the results of the voting:

Mention was made of how Niles Wilson has been a member of the board for twenty-four years. He commented on his love of the fair and thanked the voters:

John Jackson was returned for another term and he was very happy about that! Listen to his comment:

Norm Kilpatrick picked up the one year seat. He made some moving comments about the late Pat Covell:

After the reorganization meeting was complete, there were no changes. Danny Hodges is returning as President, Roger Dibble as Vice President, Niles Wilson as Treasurer, and Jason Craig as Secretary. Danny Hodges had this to say:

The 2014 Delaware County Fair will be held Monday 11th through Saturday 16th August.