State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimpher on Tuesday delivered her third annual State of the University Address.

In the address the Chancellor Zimpher highlighted the value of a college degree and setting an ambitious agenda for the year ahead as SUNY aspires to be a national model for higher education in America.

She highlighted breakthrough strategies at work across SUNY that increase college access and completion and make universally available the opportunity for all citizens to achieve success in school, college, and career.

She also discussed the launch of Open SUNY in 2014, which included 10 online bachelor’s degree programs that meet high-need workforce demands, three of which will be piloted in the fall.

She addressed full adoption of SUNY Smart Track and decreased student debt default rate.

Leveraging the combined capacity of Open SUNY and SUNY smart track, Chancellor Zimpher committed to the development of three-year bachelor’s degree programs, furthering SUNY's commitment to affordability and the reduction of student debt.