I had the pleasure of being asked to emcee a big community event in little Sidney Center last Saturday.  The elementary school, now closed, was the site for a large gathering of folks who went to the school, taught at the school or who sent kids there.  it was a great day.

A more recent time capsule from 2004 was also opened. It was in wonderful condition The 1954 one?  Not so much....

The highlight of the day was to open the school's original 1954 cornerstone.  A time capsule had been placed inside by the kids and teachers of the time.  What a great experience it was for me.  First time I ever said, "And now ladies and gentlemen, lets hear it for the stone!"

Great people.  Great fun.  What was in it?  Take a look.

This is Jerry Burns with the cornerstone bringing it in to the gym.  The room inside was packed with visitors.

grid stone

As Jerry was bringing in the stone I was reminiscing about old Sidney Center School memories as we watched a 30 year old school video.  Eventually it was time to bring up a couple of former students from the school who we asked to open the time capsule.

Unfortunately, the contents were soaking wet and pretty hard to discern.  Some old school papers, coins, a mortar trowel and other items from 1954.  The Maywood Historical Society will dry the items out, identify them and archive them at their museum.  One thing we know that was in there was a 1954 Sidney Center School teachers salary list.  We all wanted to see that!  This was great fun and a wonderful community effort.  Thank you for asking me to be a part of it!

grid emcee video
grid results