Doris Day turns 89 today.

This entertainment legend has had one of the most astonishing public careers in Hollywood.  She was a movie star of the highest magnitude. She starred in nearly forty films, was named the #1 U.S. box office attraction many times and was even nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Pillow Talk (1959).

Her music career was even more impressive.  She recorded 700 songs, many of them which became hits.  She was a star of the Big Band era, radio, records, movie and television.  She received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and is currently the oldest singer to have ever had a number one record.

She starred in her own television show The Doris Day Show (1968-1973).

Doris Day has been a passionate and untiring supporter of animal rights for fifty years.

There is a popular effort underway to convince the Academy Awards organization to honor her with an Honorary Oscar.  They (so far) have resisted this popular appeal.

Happy Birthday to one of the last, great stars....Doris Day!