When you think of the Binghamton area, what comes to mind first? You may think of the home of IBM, Singer-Link, Endicott-Johnson, Spiedies, and many other important major contributions that have roots in the Southern Tier.

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How about the entertainment scene? I would guess that Rod Serling would be the person that comes to mind most. There would be no Twilight Zone without Rod Serling. We are proud of his accomplishments. He made such an impact on our community.

Even some of his Twilight Zone episodes have Binghamton references. You may or may not be aware that a  monument to honor Rod Serling is in the works. According to the Kickstarter.com website, the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation has a statue in the works to honor him.

This statue will be six-foot and be placed at Recreation Park in Binghamton. Kickstarter.com fundraiser states that in August of 2022, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo was successful in securing a $50,000 grant for the creation of the statue, but it doesn't cover the entire cost.

A goal of raising $35,000 has been set to cover the remaining cost, which according to the Kickstarter.com fundraiser website, will cover the cost of creating the statue, the shipping costs, installation, base installation, and groundwork around the statue.

To help raise the needed funds, the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation has several packages of items for donations, including t-shirts, calendars, personalized bricks, and miniature statues of Rod Serling.

For more information, on how to donate, view a video of the project, photos, and how much has been pledged so far, visit the Kickstarter.com fundraiser website. Donations will be accepted through April 3rd, 2023.

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