A Delhi man is accused of stealing catalytic converters from vehicles at an auto repair shop in September.

Getty Images/ mikola249
Getty Images/ mikola249

Delaware County Sheriff’s official say they arrested 40-year-old David Alleyne on Wednesday and charged him with three felony counts of criminal mischief and a misdemeanor count of petit larceny.

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Authorities say Alleyne is believed to have damaged exhaust systems to get at catalytic converters from two different vehicles at a Delhi auto shop two separate times in early September.

Alleyne was ordered to appear in Town of Delhi Court at a later date.

The Court had also issued a warrant for 21-year-old Sean Gillespie, formerly of Bovina, in relation to the catalytic converter caper.

Anyone with information on Gillespie’s were-abouts is asked to call the Sheriff’s office at (607) 832-5555, extension 0.

According to an internet search, it is illegal to buy or sell used catalytic converters unless they are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Prices are listed up to over $200. Scrap prices can be several hundred dollars to over$1,000 for rarer models.

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