On the heels of this week's announcement by Spiedie Fest organizers that Billy Currington concert ticket holders would be issued a refund following the cancellation of his show in Binghamton, New York Attorney General Letitia James has another surprise for event-goers who failed to receive a refund on shows and other events in New York state due to the pandemic.

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New York Attorney General Letitia James announced this week that an agreement had been reached with Ticket Fulfillment Services (TFS) and five ticket resale websites to give money back to people who had tickets to an event that was canceled because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The nearly $4.5 million settlement means that thousands of New Yorkers who were denied refunds for events they'd purchased tickets for that were canceled. According to New York law, ticket resales sites must guarantee refunds for canceled events however TFS and its affiliates failed to issue state-mandated refunds.

In a statement, James said, “...TFS and its affiliates illegally denied refunds to thousands of consumers for events that were canceled — all while pocketing millions of dollars in the process."

The affiliates of TFS include Denver Media Holdings LLC; Event Ticket Sales, LLC; Internet Referral Services, LLC; RYADD, Inc.; and Theatreland Ltd. Any resident or non-resident who purchased tickets to an event through TFS or its affiliates that was canceled because of the pandemic will now be able to get a full refund.

If you purchased tickets to an event through TFS or its affiliates you can reach out to customer support on the website where you purchased them for a full refund.

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