Our law enforcement officers never really know when a call comes in, even a call that is seemingly harmless, when that call can turn violent.  That is what happened in Norwich, New York last Thursday within the city

According to WBNG.com, Norwich police were called to a city residence, 75 Cortland Street, at 11:45 in the morning where a caller to the police stated that he "wasn't feeling safe and wished that the Norwich police would come to his home."  Upon arrival at the scene, police contacted a neighbor who stated that the resident was a man who was armed with a shotgun and also a machete.  The neighbor also said that it was believed that a juvenile was also in the residence.

Detectives began a negotiation process with the resident and it was during this time a shotgun was produced and fired.  The shot was not directed at the police.  The resident then attempted to escape the premises through a closed window, but was apprehended before he could exit the building.

The Norwich police then arrested Bernie J. Infante, 45, of Norwich.  He was subsequently charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, A Class C felony.

Police said Infante was taken to Chenango Memorial Hospital and released.

Additional charges are pending and the incident remains under investigation.

We thank the Norwich City Police Department for their courage in handling this situation, one that could have easily ended in harm to either the officers or the suspect.

Job well done!

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