The City of the Hills is featured in a spotlight article in Business View Magazine this month.  In a story (with photographs) titled "Oneonta, New York:  Small City, Big Heart" the article extols the benefits of small town life in the post-pandemic world.

The article, which is extensive, describes the natural beauty of Oneonta as well as the attributes and amenities offered here.  The article also features an interview with Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig.

In the interview, Mayor Herzig responds to the reporter's question asking him about the many pluses of living in Oneonta.  "“We are a low-density, tightly knit community, but we also have two excellent colleges right here in the City of Oneonta,” says Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig. “We have an airport, an interstate, a railroad and a magnificent, beautiful, natural environment. We have opportunities for hiking or boating or skiing or just about any outdoor activity. And we are only 30 minutes from a major tourist attraction, which is the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.”

The international magazine is describes itself as; "Business View Magazine North America. Best source of news for executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, franchisers on industry trends & best practices."

The article goes into the recent announcement of additional housing in the downtown area of the city.  It also touches on other new improvements to the city's infrastructure as well as hopes and plans for the future.

We are very excited that this article about our City of the Hills has been published and will be seen all around the world.  As the old adage goes, "there is no such thing as bad publicity!"

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