Scott Lewis, Getty Images
Scott Lewis, Getty Images

Sadly, a situation where farm animals are neglected is all too common according to the Susquehanna SPCA. There are a variety of reasons for the neglect but according to SQSPCA's Executive Director, Stacie Haynes, whom I recently talked with about animal neglect/abuse, the most common reasons are animal owners suffering mental illness, the owner getting overwhelmed and unable to care for animals, or financial insecurity.

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In the most recent case on a farm in Morris, because the owner was overwhelmed according to the SQSPCA, his horses needed to be rescued after living under very poor conditions. With the help of volunteers who are well versed in horse care, deputies from the Otsego County Sheriff's Department and the SQSPCA rescued several horses from the farm and the horses are currently temporarily placed at the Otsego County fairgrounds with permission from the fair board. However, foster homes are needed as soon as possible.


According to Haynes, most of the horses are not tamed. If interested in fostering any of the horses, contact the Susquehanna SPCA as soon as possible at (607) 547-8111.

For anyone concerned about the welfare of animals under someone's care and you suspect cruelty or neglect, you can fill out a form on the SQSPCA's website at  You can also make an anonymous report by calling the shelter at (607) 547-8111 (follow the prompts).

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