"Super Bowl Stop DWI" crackdown begins today and will run until Feb. 4. This is the first statewide stop-DWI crackdown for 2013.

State and local law enforcement agencies will be out in force.

"Super Bowl weekend we know a lot of people are going to get together, watch the game, and celebrate," Oneonta Police Cheif Dennis Nayor said. "We want to make sure people are safe and make sure the roads are safe. Because of that you will see more law enforcement out with specialized details to make sure people are not drinking and driving. The best advice I can offer is that if you are going to drink to be responsible. Plan so they can have someone sober to take care of the driving and transportation aspect and that will make for an enjoyable and safe night for everyone."

Law enforcement will be utilizing sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols to deter drunk driving.

Motorists are reminded that driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher will put them over the legal limit.

Law enforcement agencies will also be cracking down on drivers who are impaired by drugs, both illegal and prescription.