October 8 is National Face Your Fears Day.

I have few fears but the ones I do have are real (to me) and have been since I was a kid.  I hate spiders but am not afraid of them.  I do not like the dark but am not afraid of it.  Spiders...yes, both hate and fear!

It seems that a nagging fear for Americans is speaking in public.  As anyone who knows me realizes, I have escaped this fear and in fact have embraced it.

All of that is for adults.  But what about little kids?  They have a whole set of different fears according to Parents magazine.  And it all makes sense.  Here are my thoughts on some of the main fears of little kids.


#1 The Dark.  This is a fear that follows many little kids well into adulthood

#2  Monsters.  These youngsters will grow up to love horror movies!

#3  Weather.  Not doubt about it.  A thunder and lightning storm will send almost all kids diving for the covers!

#4  Bad Dreams.  See Numbers 1 and 2

#5  Strangers.  One of those things that a parent tries to instill in toddlers ("Stranger Danger")

#6  Separation.  You will learn early.  ALWAYS leave your kids with a trusted or beloved     friend or relative and things will be OK.

#7  Being Alone.  Think Macaulay Culkin movies.

#8  Masks and Costumes.  I think clowns falls into this category.  Right?

#9  Toilets and Bathrooms.  I don't understand this one.  Bathrooms are usually bright, clean and anything but scary.  Maybe because we spend so much of our early years trying to do something our mothers want us to do but, darn it, we just don't get it!

#10  Doctors and Dentists.  I was never afraid of either of these professions as a kid.  But barbers?  Yes.  Maybe it had something to do with the white coats.