Over my almost 25-years at WDOS I have done literally hundreds of live remotes at every imaginable business.

And it isn't always easy.

Many times the business owners are the ones most shy abut talking about their own businesses.  They freeze up when the microphone is put in front of their face.  And that is fine, but often times it leaves me trying to fill some "dead air time" thinking of things to say.  And that can be a struggle.

Take a look at this wonderful clip.  It is New Year's Eve 1965-1966.  We join a very young looking Johnny Carson on his show and he sends the broadcast over to Times Square where an announcer, Ben Grauer, does a live remote describing the scene below him.

Grauer is amazing. No script, no fancy graphics, no co-hosts.  Just one rather plain looking man, in a black trench coat and black fedora talking non-stop about what he sees.  Listen to him.  At no time is he at a loss for words.  I think about two minutes into it, a producer must hold up a couple of fingers and tells Grauer "to stretch it."  And he takes a breath and off he goes again.  He does a fantastic job.

Ben Grauer is my hero.