New Years Eve

Countdown To YMCA Frost Bite 5K
If you are like many Americans, you over ate and over indulged during the holiday season and are ready to spring into action to shed those extra pounds.  Here's your chance to start making those healthy changes and at the same time help the Oneonta YMCA raise much needed funds to maintain …
What Will You Be Doing New Year’s Eve?
Do you have a New Year's Eve tradition at your house?
I do, but it has actually evolved over the years.  When I was young, I'll admit, it was party time!  Then when the kids were little it was quiet times around the house.  As they got older (and me too) it was usually a hous…
Happy New Year Circa. 1966! This Guy Is My Hero! (VIDEO)
Over my almost 25-years at WDOS I have done literally hundreds of live remotes at every imaginable business.
And it isn't always easy.
Many times the business owners are the ones most shy abut talking about their own businesses.  They freeze up when the microphone is put in front of their fa…
First Night Oneonta Ready to Ring in 2013
First Night Oneonta is once again packed with great activities for the family on New Year's eve, Dec. 31, 2012.
There will be live music, dance, performances as well as a grand fireworks display at 10:15 p.m.
Buttons cost $15 and must be purchased either at the even or at one of the following l…