We all know where this photo was taken.  Battery Park, at the southern tip of Manhattan.  We have all been there.  Whether strolling through the area on a beautiful day, maybe waiting for the ferry to take us over to the Statue of Liberty, maybe having a bagel and a coffee while waiting to meet up with a friend.  it is a beautiful spot with gorgeous views.

Well, as of this morning lower Manhattan is basically empty.  Everything from the stock market to the corner store to the local subway stop...closed.  A listener, one of the last ones out of the area while on a business trip, sent this photo to share.  And this is before Hurricane Sandy comes ashore with a historic tide surge.  Look at the water already coming over the bulkheads of the park and soaking the area.  I can only imagine that if this is hours before Sandy strikes, what will it be like at midnight tonight!