I'm back for another week of tasting new ice cream flavors at Mac-A-Doodles Ice Cream Shop in Stamford.

This week I tried the new Perry's Ice Cream flavor, Oh, My Cherry Pie! This flavor is made up of a vanilla ice cream base with thick swirls of cherry pie filling and graham cracker crust.

This flavor just screams summertime. The cherry is sweet and rich while the graham cracker swirls add a nice texture to the creamy vanilla. It very much reminds me of a fresh baked cherry pie topped off a la mode style with vanilla ice cream.

If your looking for an ice cream spin on a classic dessert this is the flavor you should try. Perfect on a waffle cone or in a dish with some whip cream, try it out the next time you're at your local scoop-stand or make the trip to Stamford and visit me at Mac-A-Doodles!