We all love old television shows.  The stars from the old shows are still vivid to us today...Rob and Laura Petrie ("The Dick Van Dyke Show"), Andy Griffith "Mayberry R.F.D."), Bob Crane ("Hogan's Heroes"),  Barbara Eden ("I Dream of Jeannie") and so many more.

But for me, the most important part of any sitcom is the"extended families" of the stars.  The  Ropers upstairs in "Three's Company", the snoopy Kravitzs on "Bewitched," Mr. Wilson on "Dennis the Menace", Ned Flanders next door to Homer Simpson, Cosmo Kramer on "Seinfeld," sewer denizen Ed Norton on "The Honeymooners" and legions more.

So who are the best neighbors in TV history?  I'd like to nominate the Fred and Ethel Mertz.  He was kind of likable, kind of grumpy, kind of a rascal.  Ethel was a true and stalwart partner in Lucy's many scatterbrained antics.  And yet they always got along, always had each others backs and were always just a door away.  Vivian Vance and Bill Frawley...they were great!

Just my opinion.  Who do you think were the best (or worst) neighbors in Tvland?