What a night at a very special place.

Last night (Sunday) I entertained a large crowd in the tiny and historic Maywood Train Depot Museum in Sidney Center.  The little depot is an amazing place and the parking lot was full for my presentation!

This little place holds an old fashioned ice cream social on Sundays during the summer months.  Volunteers served up homemade pies and cakes and tasty ice cream.  It was a great slice of nostalgia.

At Maywood they tell the sad story of what I dubbed "The Seven Sons of Sidney Center."  These were young men who died within 51 days of each other in  Vietnam.  Newspaper articles, photos, tributes and more all remember these young men.  Someone once went to the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C. and did a rubbing of each of the names on it from this tiny hamlet.

Sidney Center has a great story to tell.  After all, it once was the home of the "World's Largest Floating Railroad Trestle."  What was that?  Well, why don't you take a drive to Maywood and find out yourself!

In their little museum they have a collection of old railroad lanterns, in various colors.  Each color meant a different message to the trainman.  This is the only contact collection, with all colors, known to be in New York State.

Thanks for the ice cream and a wonderful night.

For Maywood Museum information CLICK HERE