I'm just curious if kids still do this.

I remember vividly giving out Halloween cards to my young classmates in elementary school in the 1950s in Sidney.  We only had three places to buy the cards (Hales, Fairbanks and Kents Department Store) so we all always got the same ones!

Every kid brought them in (I think we were told told do this by our teacher).  On the Halloween day, the teacher would give us a little treat and then we would all circulate around the room and dispense out little Halloween cards to our 6 and 7-year old friends.  My mother still has a lot of these cards and they seem so charming and nostalgic now.

I am just curious if little kids do this anymore?  It has been a while since I have had little kids in the early grades.  I also remember that we may have also done this "card giving event" at Christmas but CERTAINLY did this at Valentines Day.

Whether kids do or do not still do this, it is a sentimental memory of my youth.