The New York Comptroller's office has audited two Delaware County school districts and released its findings.

The audit of Andes Central School determined that officials were not properly managing the district's fund balance levels. According to the findings, they had appropriated funds they have not used in four of the last five years because the district spent less than had been budgeted. The 2012-13 unreserved fund balance was well above amounts allowed by law.

The audit at Charlotte Valley School District found that the superintendent and board did not did not develop reasonable budget estimates. For fiscal years 2007 through 2012 the board adopted budgets that overestimated expenditures by nearly $2 million. The district’s revenue estimates were underestimated by nearly $723,000 for the same time period. The unexpended surplus was more than the 4 percent statutory limit in four of the last five years. To reduce the unexpected surplus and bring it closer to the 4% limit, district officials made unplanned transfers to reserves.

The full audit findings are available here.