The Otsego County Department of Health reported yesterday (12/27) that there were 11 new cases with 16 people currently hospitalized with complications from the virus.  There are currently 105 active cases in the county. A total of 12 people in the county have died due to coronavirus related complications. The Health Dept. has a COVID-19 dashboard with daily updates for the latest information.

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Delaware County Health officials have an update yesterday (12/27), reporting 5 new cases yesterday with 86 active and there are 3 people hospitalized. Sadly there was a COVID-19 related death yesterday bringing the total deaths in the county up to 12.

Chenango County has suffered a total of 16 COVID related deaths. According to the New York State COVID Tracker, 6 new virus cases were confirmed on 12/26. The Chenango County Health Department provided their last update on current case numbers on 12/24. At that time the number of active cases was at 118 and 9 people are in the hospital.


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