Did you watch the Grammy Awards this year?  Me neither.

I don't watch this show, which I used to love, because I simply do not know any of the artists.  Oh sure, maybe some country ones, but for the most part their names mean nothing to me.  Do you know who Daft Punk, Maklemore and Ryan, Lorde and Imagine Dragos are?

Like I said...me neither.

Lets take a look at the very first Grammy Awards given out in 1959.  Now that was music.  And instead of a four hour long pageant of self-importance the first Grammy's were short, simple and oh so sweet.

There were only ten categories.  Among them were:

Best Children's Song...Ross Bagdosarian for The Chipmunk Song

Best Country Western Song...The Kingston Trio for Tom Dooley

Best Individual Jazz Performance...Ella Fitzgerald

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance...Perry Como

But the big winner of the night was an unknown.  He won the first award of the evening. Sure, we knew his big hit song but we did not know his back story.  He wasn't even from the U.S.  He had a hit single that sold over a million copies and walked away with the two biggest awards of the night, Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Yes, we know the song but not the singer.  And he was the biggest hit at the very first Grammy Awards way back in 1959.  Do you remember this guy....