Sometimes when people are traveling and exploring Upstate New York on a road trip, the city of Utica somehow gets lost in the shuffle.  And it shouldn't!  It is a city rich in history, awash with many beautiful old buildings, some fine museums and entertainment venues, and some legendary food and drink traditions.

This is a starter list for any new road warriors who are heading to the Mohawk Valley to do some exploring.  There are, of course, many more than ten places to go to, but these ten are not to be missed.  They include a 100-year old theatre (with a dynamic old Art Deco marquee (photo), a world class museum showcasing Dali, Rembrandt, Georgia O'Keefe, Jackson Pollack, and other well-known artists, a top-notch zoo, and some out-of-this-world foods.

The Utica/Rome are is loaded with some of the best food traditions in Upstate New York (or the whole city for that mater).  Tomato pie, chicken riggies, turkey joint candy, Utica greens, Utica hats, halfmoon cookies, and the list goes on and on.  It really is a remarkable food destination.  Way underrated!

Each mention in this road trip gallery includes a link to the social media site of the subject matter.  And if you are a fan of Utica, please visit our Facebook page and let us know some other treasures the cit has to behold, several or well-known.  We really do want to hear from you.

Utica has a population of about 65,000 people, and is the county seat of Oneida County.

"Roadtrip!" 10 Must See Items For Your Next Visit to Utica!

Utica is the tenth most populated city in New York State. Situated in the beautiful Mohawk valley, with the farmlands of Schoharie Valley below it, and the mighty Adirondacks just to the north, the city offers much to interest and entertain you for a weekend visit here, or longer. This gallery is a short starter list of ten things any new visitor to the city should seek out. It includes the wonderful Utica Zoo, the Munson art museum with world class painters represented on its walls, and even a train ride up and into the Adirondacks in all seasons. And, of course, you can't talk about Utica without mentioning some of their signature foods. Take a look and see which ones we highlighted.

Enjoy your next roadtrip to the historic city of Utica, NY.!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

21 Famous Upstate NY Homes You've Probably Never Heard Of

Here is an eclectic collection of 21 homes that have wonderful back stories to them. Several are grand mansions, several are museums, one is basically a cabin, and one is attached to a lighthouse. The homes have fantastic DNA to them. You may be surprised that a couple of these homes have very significant connections to famous authors. One is the home of a medical family who practiced there for 80 years (same family!). Take a look at these "unknown homes of Upstate New York." And the best thing is that...they are all open to the public for tours! I wrote a book about the famous homes of Upstate New York titled "Open House" (Syracuse University Press) and these are some of the best ones from that book!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio