You want to know about "old in New York State?"  Upstate has a list that goes on for pages.

We love the new and modern businesses of today.  They are all blinking, shiny, and sophisticated.  But there is definitely something to be said for "old."  Nostalgic, sentimental, simplified, and a window to the past.  That is what this gallery is all about.

In this list we shine the spotlight on a dozen different old businesses.  In fact these are the oldest in each of their categories.  What will you find?

How about a family farm that is now being run by it's 12th family generation?  Or the oldest active fireboat in the world!  One that I really like is oldest five and dime store in America.  It is in the Adirondacks and it very cool.  The oldest high school in New York State is in the Finger Lakes.  In fact, it is also the 8th oldest such school in the United States.  And the oldest drive-in movie?  It too is in the Finger Lakes (see photo).  Take a look at this list and see what was the opening night double-bill on July 15, 1947.    It is mentioned.  Funny..

All of these are great, including the oldest state park (surprise!), the oldest mini-golf in the United States, the oldest Chinese restaurant, the oldest municipal cemetery (with 350,000 graves in it), and others.  All are in Upstate New York, and all are on this list.

Watch for more Upstate "old lists" in the future.  They are fun!


When it comes to lists of "the oldest in Upstate New York," there is not a shortage of places to list. We will try to give you a sense of that list with these dozen points of interest.

In this gallery you will find these "oldest in Upstate New York" places: the oldest Chinese restaurant, church, fireboat, miniature golf, state park, municipal cemetery, drive-in movie, ferry service, five and dime store, bowling alley, and the oldest family farm in Upstate New York. Whew!

Of course we could go on and on with this list. It is fun, after all. So watch for more "oldest" lists in the future!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Is This the Most Unusual Sports Hall of Fame in Upstate New York? We Think So!

There is a little known sports Hall of Fame and Museum out in far western New York state (Allegany County) that you really should put on your bucket list. It is fascinating! The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame tells the story of John L. Sullivan, and how he came to tiny Belfast, NY in the 1880s to train for the fight of his life. It is VERY cool!

Visitor information can be found at the end of the gallery.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio