Some authors, such as William Kennedy and Richard Russo, have made Upstate New York the backdrop of many of their most popular books. But other writers have carved out little, unique subjects to write their own books about out region.

This gallery takes a look at a dozen books which have Upstate New York as a storyline or backdrop to it. Some are familiar titles, classics if you will. Others are "simple" guide books that any Upstate road warrior will find indispensable. Others are, well, just fun.
I have written nearly a dozen books about Upstate New York, and I look to these below mentioned books (and many others) as inspiration for my topics. The subject matter of all of my books would comfortably fit into the "guide book" category. I have written about Upstate's people, foods, houses, monuments, graves, and so much more. I reference some of my books in this gallery.
Each book has my own thumbnail reason for including it in this list. I have also included, where applicable, professional reviews of the book and ordering information.  I fully realize that there are hundreds (thousands?) of books that have been written about our home area.
I fully intend to continue this series of gallery lists so that ultimately we will all have a full, robust library of Upstate New York book  And, I encourage your involvement. If you have a special title that you would like to have included in future lists, please give it a shout out over on our Facebook page! Let's see how big a list of favorites we can generate!

Writer Reviews A Dozen Books For Your Upstate New York Library!

There are hundreds and thousands of books that have been written about Upstate New York over the last, say, 200 years. This gallery looks at a dozen of these books. They include monumental classics such as "Last of the Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper (published 200 years ago!), and Theodore Dresier's masterpiece "An American Tragedy," about a 1906 Upstate murder. The list also includes a few guidebooks, including my own Upstate "food guidebook." These more slight books, while not legendary classics, sure would fit beautifully in the glove box of your car for your next road warrior journey around Upstate New York!

Each book has a review, where applicable, plus some of my own comments. You will also find ordering information.

This is the first installment of an Upstate New York Book Library gallery which we will continue in the future with other titles.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

17 Upstate New York Dog Parks for Your 'Good Boy' or 'Good Girl'

Lets face it, when the family dog is happy the whole family is happy! Dog parks are popping up in more and more communities across Upstate New York every day. Check out these 17 which cover every region of Upstate. Some are big, some are small. Some are basic running places, and others are elaborate dog playgrounds. And some even serve a glass of wine or craft beer for Mom and Dad to enjoy while Rover plays! Keep your furry friend happy at one of these dog parks today.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio