Before I wrote this gallery, I always though of the Rockies, or far Western U.S. when it came to whitewater rafting experience.  So this gallery is an eye-opener for me.  Upstate New York has plenty of places to do this exciting event, alone, with friends, or with you kids.  From the Hudson River to Cattaraugus County in the western part of the state, these companies offer top notch professional adventures for water thrill seekers.

You will see that the companies highlighted in this gallery cover plenty of regions in Upstate New York.  Honestly, I have never done the sport.  But, someday?  Who knows.  But if I do, there is one that I would put on the top of my list.  You will see it in the gallery.

Ausable Chasm.

I have been to this magical place several times over the decades, both as a kid and as an adult.  It is one of New York State's greatest natural attractions.  But the thought of charging down the Ausable River, crashing through the narrow chasm, with the towering, cold canyon walls so close to the side of the raft you could almost touch them, well sir, that has gotten my attention!

Of course this sport, or should we say adventure, is not for everyone.  And if you go to any of these companies to enjoy the experience, there are rules to be followed.  But, life is short, and I cannot imagine a more thrilling way to spend an afternoon than in a raft, with my family and a couple of close friends, bouncing along a whitewater river in Upstate New York.

Now, firmly placed on my bucket list!

"Hang On!" These Are Among the Top Whitewater Adventures in Upstate New York!

When you think of whitewater rafting do you think of the Rockies? Or maybe the Northwest United States? Well, how about Upstate New York?

There are many places to hit the whitewater here in Upstate New York. While we have some pretty, placid rivers in our region, we also have some that can turn challenging, bringing whitecaps up to the edge of your raft. Here are a bunch of whitewater rafting places to be found in Upstate New York for you to consider for an exciting adventure this summer. We have also included a couple of fun places just to put your fanny in a tube and laze the day away. Have fun!!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

12 of the Best International Bakeries in Upstate New York

The dozen international bakeries on this list showcase the myriad of tastes, flavors, and food customs of a variety of countries. From the Hudson River to Western New York you will find (on this list) bakeries selling unique sweet treats from France, Lebanon, Australia, Italy, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Latin America, and other faraway lands. And all are fantastic!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio