In a press release today, members of the proposed Unadilla community market, called "The Village Bountiful," addressed their timeline for opening, and a request for a project manager to come on board to assist in implementation of the market's plans.

“The Village Bountiful is a group of regular folks working hard to open an accessible, welcoming, community-owned grocery store in the village of Unadilla, NY. Cooperatively owned and managed by and for our member-owners and our neighbors, in keeping with the character and identity of our local community, The Village Bountiful Community Market will be Unadilla’s grocery store. The Village Bountiful will be a source for wholesome, affordable food, as well as an incubator and outlet for local and regional growers, producers, and enterprises.

Village Bountiful LLC is currently seeking the consulting services of a seasoned Project Manager, community organizer, or experienced Cooperative Grocer to refine and lead the implementation of a comprehensive integrated cooperative startup plan that assesses and addresses financial, market and organizational capacity; to creatively develop commitment, capacity & capital of the cooperative; and to effectively bring about the open store this November to meet the needs of the member/owners and the broader community."

The press release also stated, "We are accepting proposals and applications right now from responsive and responsible individuals and firms with expertise and demonstrated experience working on similar projects.

The selected individual or firm will be responsible for leading the implementation of a comprehensive and sustainable cooperative startup plan through the pre-Opening stage of a brick & mortar small town cooperative grocery, in consultation with our Board of Directors.

Full details, including the scope of work, submission and application requirements, and the timeline and budget for the project can be found in our Request for Proposals, available for download at Applications and/or proposals are due July 16.”