Town Line is a little map dot near Buffalo, N.Y.  It was named such because it straddles the Erie County towns of Lancaster and Alden, New York.

For some odd reason, in 1861 town residents met in a one room schoolhouse, had a vote and the results were 85 to 40 to secede from the Union!  Why?  We do not know.  However it was serious.  Reportedly, several men went to Canada to escape the "hostilities," several others went to join Confederate forces heading to Virginia, and 20 men signed up for the Union Army.

After declaring their "secession," and after the war, the little hamlet continued on as if nothing happened, but they never rejoined the Union (officially).  Finally, in 1946, President Harry Truman wrote a letter to the good folks at Town Line and asked them to set aside their differences and "come home."  The town decided to have another vote, and it passed 90-23 to rejoin the Union. They celebrated this event with a commemoration in the village led by actor Cesar Romero.

This is all documented, although some think it is an urban legend.  Look it up and decide for yourself.  My only question is...what was actor Cesar Romero doing in Town Line anyways?  This newspaper article explains it.


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