Tom Cruise has recently been named the actor with the highest net worth.  $500,000,000.  Yes, that is a half a billion dollars!

So how did he amass such a pile of dough?  Well, a website ( recently took a look at his annual take from movies and the list is quite an eye opener.  Take a look at how his film salary has increased over the years:

I gotta tell you.  I enjoy Tom Cruise movies as much as the next guy, but somehow I totally missed "Vanilla Sky," "Legend" and "Knight and Day."  I am particularly surprised at how little he got paid to dance in his undies in Risky Business!

What was your favorite Tom Cruise movie?

2013:  "Oblivion"  $20-million

2012:  "Jack Reacher"  $7.5-million

2011:  "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"  $12-million

2010:  "Knight and Day"  $11-million

2008:  "Valkyrie"  $20-million

2006:   "Mission Impossible III"  $75-million

2003:  "Last Samurai"  $25-million

2002:  "Minority Report"  $25-million

2001:  "Vanilla Sky"  $20-million

2000:  "Mission Impossible II"  $75-million

1999:  "Eyes Wide Shut"  $20-million

1996:  "Jerry Maguire"  $20-million

1996:  "Mission Impossible"  $70-million

1990:  "Days of Thunder"  $9-million

1988:  "Rain Man"  $3-million

1988:  "Cocktail"  $3-million

1986:  "Top Gun" $2-million

1986:  "Color of Money"  $1-million

1983:  "Legend"  $500,000

1983:  "Risky Business"  $75,000

1981:  "Taps"    $50,000