There are many things at one's college campus that will instill a sense of pride in its students.  Surely sports is one of them.  As well as arts programs, community events, the campus life experience and more.  But what about a school mascot?

Mascots have been around, both in high school and on college campuses, ever since, well, ever since there has been high schools and colleges.  A few years back, the State University of New York decided that it would honor the long history of school mascots by having a friendly competition to see which mascot is "#1 in the eyes and hearts of the state's college students.

And SUNY Oneonta loves "Red the Dragon" its mascot for sure.

The Red Dragon mascot, which can be seen at sporting events, parades in town, on logos and tee-shirts, won the 2021 SUNY mascot challenge!

The mascot challenge is now in its eighth year and it grows each year.  All SUNY campus mascots compete and it really gets the students involved as they vote online for their own mascot.  Even alumni get involved in this fun competition.

Last year's competition was cancelled due to COVID-19.  The 2019 winner was SUNY Community College at Columbia Greene.  Their mascot is named Rip Van Winkle.  Their mascot pays tribute to the legendary "sleeper" in the Hudson Valley (where the college campus is located).  This year's competition came down to Oneonta's Red Dragon versus Boomer T. Cannoneer of SUNY's Jefferson Community College.

Congratulations to the SUNY Oneonta Red Dragon and to all who voted for him (her?) in Mascot Madness 2021.

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