Floods?  Thunderstorms?  Blizzards?  Hurricanes?  Well, actually our area has experienced all of these natural disasters and many more.

The Delaware County Hazard Mitigation Plan update is currently underway and officials are seeking public input to shape those changes. Because weather can be so fickle, even with today's sophisticated weather predictors, this plan seeks to have Delaware County ready to respond efficiently for whatever natural disaster presents itself.

And these natural disaster come with a hefty financial price tag.  The cost of insurance claims, damaged property and businesses as well as a disruption of an entire community can be a significant burden to taxpayers.  Many of the Delaware County residents have experience in dealing with these disasters having lived through them (especially some deadly floods and some debilitating blizzards and snow storms).  .

Therefore, the Delaware County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan is currently seeking public input on how to better deal with these disasters.  Each municipality in the county, whether big or small, has opted to participate in this hazard mitigation plan and all county residents are encouraged to contribute with thoughts, ideas and experiences.

The best way to survive these natural disasters, as well as man-made hazards, is to be better prepared . County officials encourage all to share your experience with natural hazards and your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how best to manage those hazards by taking the public participation survey: https://bit.ly/39rqSDz

It all comes down to being ready for what ever the weather gods throw at us.  Like the old Boy Scout motto said, "Be Prepared."

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