It helps to have a State University of New York Oneonta graduate in a place of high position and influence.  Scott Saltzman is the perfect example.  Scott is a graduate of the SUNY Oneonta class of 1986 and today is the national sales manager for the leading sportswear design company PUMA.

Now, a group of current fashion design students at the college is involved with a career experiential study project with Saltzman.  The group of 25 students is working with the fashion design company developing creative promotional strategies to help launch a new company product. Students are learning managerial skills as they prepare to leave college and enter the world of fashion design.This is a semester-long project.

The group of students have been immersed in a simulation of a real-life fashion industry scenario, and are brainstorming ideas in groups and are creating promotional plans to accompany the fall 2021 product release. This is a unique opportunity for students to see up close and personal the high energy world of the career they have chosen to pursue.

Saltzman said that this study arrangement is mutually beneficial to both parties, and that he is learning as much from the students as they are from him

For more on this exciting SUNY Oneonta project CLICK HERE.

SUNY Oneonta’s Fashion and Textiles program focuses on the relationship of textiles and clothing to the physical, aesthetic, psychological, cultural, economic and social needs of people and their families.

We wish all of these SUNY Oneonta students the very best in their endeavors

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