All but the third floor residents will return to SUNY Oneonta's Matteson Hall on Friday, just over a week since a fire displaced over 100 residents on Jan. 16.

The university said in a statement that students will begin moving back in at 10 a.m. Displaced students have been staying at the Oneonta Holiday Inn as the college worked to clean Matteson Hall.

The third floor is closed for the spring semester and those residents have been housed in other residence halls, according to the college.

On Friday, the college will provide four vans that will shuttle returning Matteson residents to and from the Holiday Inn between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The Holiday Inn has extended the check-out time for Matteson residents until 3 p.m. to accommodate students with morning classes.

Shuttles will run continuously every 15 minutes, picking up students at Matteson, taking them to the Holiday Inn to collect their belongings, and returning to Matteson. An additional shuttle will be offered at 4:15 p.m. for students who have classes between 11 and 3.

Final preparations for students’ permanent return to Matteson are scheduled to be completed on Thursday. Cleaning crews will continue working on the third floor until Saturday, and this will involve minor noise and inconvenience.

Information on the move has been communicated to Matteson residents. The college also shares information about Matteson Hall recovery efforts on its website, and via Twitter at @SUNY_Oneonta, hashtag #Matteson.