It was a sad case from back in January that greatly affected not only the SUNY Oneonta community but the city residents as well since it involved the death of someone so young and it was a case that had more questions than answers.

The case surrounds the death of 20-year-old SUNY Oneonta student Tyler LoPresti-Castro from Nassau, NY who was a junior studying Accounting at the college. According to Oneonta Police reports from when it happened, LoPresti-Castro was found unconscious near the Silas Lane bus garage in Oneonta before 7:00 am on January 27, 2022. LoPresti-Castro later died from cold exposure at a hospital after spending several hours out in severe temperatures. He did have alcohol in his system.

As police investigated the case, speculation circulated on social media with some wondering if he had been pledging to a fraternity before his death which turned out to not be the case.

Following an almost 3-month investigation, according to News10, Oneonta Police Chief Witzenberg stated that the death is no longer being considered suspicious. It's still not known why LoPresti-Castro was out in the cold, around the bus garage. What is known is that he was on his way to a fraternity party the night before he died, walking, without a jacket on in a temperature of -6 six degrees with added wind chill. Since investigators do not have access to information on LoPresti-Castro's phone yet because of phone privacy technology, it has been difficult to uncover more information surrounding his death and why he was in the location where he was. The hope is that police will be able to unlock information on that night from his phone but it could take as much as a year for that to happen.

One thing is certain: until the investigation is complete with hopefully any questions answered regarding what happened on that night that led to the death of Tyler LoPresti-Castro, his family cannot get the closure that they so desperately need.

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