Following two virtual town hall events to gather feedback from faculty, staff, students and their parents regarding the reopening of SUNY Oneonta for the 2021 spring semester, college officials are announcing that those town halls were recorded and are ready to be viewed on line at The virtual town halls are part of a larger initiative to involve the entire SUNY Oneonta community in an inclusive, transparent process for developing the spring 2021 reopening plan.

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Vice President for Finance and Administration Julie Piscitello who is also co-chair of the college's COVID Response Team says, “We want the broader community to know that we are committed to an open process that’s ongoing. Our plan is a draft. It’s a living document. Posting these town halls online lets everyone hear the feedback that we’ve received, which we hope will help people stay engaged as we move forward toward the plan’s submission deadline.”

Ultimately, SUNY Oneonta, along with all state-operated campuses, must send its spring plan to SUNY by Dec. 10 to be reviewed. The goal is to develop a final plan based on input from the SUNY Oneonta community, public health experts, local elected officials and other impacted voices.

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