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Dental health does not always get top priority, especially when there's a pandemic going on. With that in mind, did a survey of 4500 patients recently and discovered something very unfortunate as a side effect of the coronavirus pandemic: many Americans have delayed check-ups due to Coronavirus fears. What percentage of New York State residents have delayed delayed their dental check-ups since the start of the pandemic? A whopping 68%!

Here are some other interesting survey findings:

  • 73% of adults said they were okay with skipping dental check-ups if it meant reducing the risk of catching coronavirus.
  • 1 in 5 also admit they would delay seeking medical treatment for a serious issue if it wasn’t causing them pain.
  • 3 in 5 parents admit their kids have been consuming more sugary things since the start of the pandemic.

Because many have delayed regular dental check-ups and other work deemed "non-emergency", dentists in New York are worried that there will be a ‘tidal wave’ of dental problems among New Yorkers when the Coronavirus pandemic begins to flatten.

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Children's health is one of the greatest concerns considering that parents have been allowing their children to eat more items containing sugar than pre-pandemic. This puts children more at risk for dental complications as they become adults with tooth enamel that may become thinner and more vulnerable to tooth decay.

If you or any of your family members are overdue for their dental checkup, make sure to schedule appointments as soon as possible for the sake of healthy teeth!

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