Tonight was a night I was really looking forward to: the Loverboy concert being put on by the Oneonta Family YMCA as a fundraising event at the 6th Ward Booster Club Field, 7 Scrambling Ave. in Oneonta. We all know what happened - a pandemic came along and shut everything down. However, thanks to people doing their part with social distancing and wearing masks, we are now in Phase 3 of the Governor's reopening plan and when Phase 4 comes along, large gatherings will be able to take place which includes concerts.

Of course, we don't KNOW when Phase 4 will happen, at the earliest, June 26, but more importantly, there's a new date for the Loverboy concert in Oneonta and that's September 24 at the same location!

Naturally, COVID-19 numbers need to remain low for Phase 4 to occur. So let's all keep up the good work, doing what we need to do, to minimize the spread of this virus until researchers discover a treatment or vaccine, so we can enjoy going to entertainment venues once again.