Over 100 people attended the Oneonta City School District Board of Education meeting held at the Greater Plains Elementary School on Wednesday.

With the recent New York State budget being passed, Interim Superintendent David Rowley says the school district now knows how much it will receive in state aid.

"The biggest increase that we got was actually a reduction in our Gap Elimination Adjustment, and that was a drop of $493,000," Rowley said. "It's technically an increase in state aid."

Also at the meeting, a summary of 15 staff reductions for the 2013-2014 was released. Rowley says he is not recommending anymore staff cuts.

Rowley also discussed closing the rest of the $260,000 dollar budget gap that still exists.

"The gap plan is going to be based on the board's decision on the tax levy increase," he said. "When we know where the board wants to go there, then we'll know what else we have to do to cut some expenditures."

The finance committee will be having an open presentation meeting on April 16 that will detail what the school board will do next with the budget.

The school board will be voting on the budget at next Board of Education meeting on April 17.

The public vote on the Oneonta City School District budget is May 21.